Is HR Digital Transformation Still Your Priority?

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The dynamics of how markets and businesses are conducted have completely changed under digitalisation. It is no longer an option for organizations to adapt to realities of a tech-led world. Digitalisation isn’t just an idea or a concept; it’s now viewed as an all-around evolution and as a mindset as to how things are supposed to be done effectively and efficiently.  

HR is not exempt. With HR being one of the critical components as to how businesses operate, the modernization of HR has never been more significant. Digitalisation in HR would pave the way for the improvement and effectiveness of decision making, streamlining of processes and empowering the workforce which adds value to a business’ brand, culture, and experience in the present and in the future.

Together with our esteemed panel of speakers and presenters who will share their expert insights, give real-life advice and answer questions on how you can understand, navigate and apply HR digitalisation ideas and strategies that are scalable to the needs of your organization. 


Sharon Cheng

Managing Director, Head of Human Resources
DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

Vicky Chiu

Global Innovator Development and Total Quality Management Lead
Chow Tai Fook

Philip Lee

Human Resources Director, Asia
The Clorox Company

Renee Wu

Global Talent Acquisition Leader

Julien Quester-Séméon

Presales and CoE Manager
SAP Cloud Solutions

Angee Chan

Head of People & Culture, Hong Kong & Macau
Philip Morris International

Peter Doherty

Principal Consultant, APJ

Tania Chan

Event Producer
Lighthouse Independent Media

Gerard Timbol

Senior Event Producer
Lighthouse Independent Media

Learning Points:

  • Develop a nimble HR force that meets future demands
  • Adopt the right tools and technology for your organization
  • Benchmark your digitalisation milestones with that of your peers


Opening Remarks
Opening Keynote: Redefining HR Digital Transformation as Business Transformation

The notion that HR teams of different companies play more of a “strategic role” in dealing with organizational challenges, that are most often industry specific, have been completely redefined. HR teams of today take on more transformation and innovation initiatives that contribute to the success of a company and its business. HR digital transformation is now at the centre of every business transformation – greatly impacting the way we do work and conduct businesses globally.

Speaker: Sharon Cheng, Managing Director, Head of Human Resources, DBS Bank

1st Intermission
Reinventing Employee Experience like you have never done before

2020 saw digital transformation accelerate, don’t take your foot off the pedal!

HR is quickly evolving, thanks to the endless flow of new digital tools and technologies, moving from manual HR processes to digital and automated ones. The pandemic was an eye-opener; with every business needing to adopt digital methods (i.e. remote work, cloud access, etc.) including HR and its processes – from hiring, training, and managing its workforce.

In this session we will talk about how companies have solved the challenges associated with employee lifecycle, safely returning to the office and how HR handled all the increased volume of employee cases

Speaker: Peter Doherty, Principal Consultant, APJ, ServiceNow

2nd Intermission
Crystal Ball Gazing: HR Tech Trends in 2021?

We’ve seen this before – things to look out for the next year and such; but what’s so special about this year is how positive and efficient practices and changes have been to the workforce in general given the pandemic’s challenge to social and work normality.

And so here’s our take on what to look out for in HR –

  • Employee related processes (onboarding, engagement, and training)
  • Artificial Intelligence use within HR processes (hiring, screening, social media)
  • Cloud-based tools and software that are HR related for ease of accessibility
  • Virtual Reality for HR related trainings
  • Chatbot for HR Q&A and replacing onboarding manuals

Moderator: Gerard Timbol, Senior Events Producer, HumanResources Online



  • Philip Lee, Human Resources Director, Asia, Clorox Company
  • Julien Quester-Semeon, Pre-Sales and COE Manager, SAP Cloud Solutions
  • Angee Chan, Head of People & Culture, Hong Kong & Macau, Philip Morris International
3rd Intermission
Case Study: Travelport's Global Virtual Onboarding Journey

Employees will start the journey the minute they say YES! And after accepting an offer, their pre-boarding journey begins! We want to ensure that the candidate would be welcomed immediately. COVID-19 has changed the way we used to engage with new hires, without being able to offer in-person engagements - and so we needed to find new ways. The weeks leading up to the time before the new hire starts will be full of useful and engaging content to make the transition as seamless as possible. On their first say, the new hire will go through an orientation that will set them up for success within their first week. Following that, there will be a program of “personalized” learning sessions that the employees will go through with. This will allow them to have a successful 30 / 60 / 90 day onboarding experience despite of their locations. What we aim to achieve is to make the new hire's journey user friendly, personalized, and globally consistent with our virtual engagements.

Speaker: Renee Wu, Global Talent Acquisition Leader, Travelport

4th Intermission
Digitisation of a 90-year old company: the story of Chow Tai Fook

At Chow Tai Fook, we always start digital transformation with our real, unique colleagues in mind.

In this digital "all-you-can-learn" era, our most important role in people development is to give people a voice to ask questions and express who they are. For Chow Tai Fook, this is extremely important as anyone could easily be taken as ‘one of us’, instead of ‘the one and unique’ in this community of 30,000 people. So join Vicky Chiu as she presents ideas, practices and experiences as to how having a digital strategy evolved Chow Tai Fook to where it is now.

Speaker: Vicky Chiu, Global Innovator Development and Total Quality Management Lead, Chow Tai Fook

Closing Remarks

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