An Update on HR’s ABC’s (Alternative Benefits & Compensation) for 2021

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Now more than ever, employees are more vocal and concerned as to what would be the continuity plan of any company in sustaining talents in the new normal such as safety and health coverage, financial security, job security, industry longevity and relevance, and as well as mental wellbeing.

As HR professionals we understand that it’s up to organizations to keep staff happy, healthy, secure, and engaged for the betterment of all. However, behind these initiatives are questions and challenges that are yet to be addressed and solved, and this segment will explore these and come up with practical solutions.


Bianca Wong

Global Head of Reward
Hilti Group

Gabriel Kung

Chief Commercial Officer
Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited

Elaine Chan

Health Advisor
Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited

Hong Tran

Mayer Brown

John Lee

Independent C&B Expert with 15+ years experience
Formerly with J.P.Morgan, BlackRock, BAML and Nomura/Lehman Brothers

Brett Cooper

General Manager
Philip Morris Asia Limited

Kimberly Ann Dasse

Senior Associate
JC Legal

Tania Chan

Event Producer
Lighthouse Independent Media

Gerard Timbol

Senior Event Producer
Lighthouse Independent Media

Learning Points:

  • Spearhead a successful compensation and benefits plan
  • Develop effective non-monetary rewards and benefits
  • Measure ROI on compensation and benefits


Opening Remarks
The W.H.O. of HR's ABCs

Brought about by the pandemic, the boundaries of having to do work and living our personal lives have never been grayer; merging both our professional and social identities together. As such, alternative benefits & compensation strategies could empower our staff to adapt to the challenges that these circumstances present. However, what are the immediate challenges in implementing alternative benefits and compensation? Is there a one-size-fits-all tactic that we can all use? How do both employer and employees benefit from such and why does it matter? Join us together with John Lee as he tackles and discusses ideas behind the HR's alternative initiatives for compensation and benefits.

Speaker: John Lee, Independent C&B Expert with 15+ years experience, formerly with J.P.Morgan, BlackRock, BAML and Nomura/Lehman Brothers

1st Intermission
Legal Considerations for Some Alternative Compensation & Benefits Arrangements

COVID-19 has brought new and re-newed interest in some HR arrangements with employees. These include WFH, working remotely and requirements relating to Covid-19 testing and vaccinations. These arrangements have legal implications.

Please join Hong Tran, Partner of Mayer Brown and Co-Firm Practice Leader of the global Employment and Benefits Group, for a discussion about legal considerations arising from adopting these arrangements.

Speaker: Hong Tran, Partner, Mayer Brown

2nd Intermission
Crystal Ball Gazing: Compensation & Benefits Trends in 2021

COVID-19 has specifically altered compensation and benefits priorities for both employer and employees. Coupled with challenging economic times with socio-political unrest, most of us are on “survival mode”; with companies downsizing to focus more on sustainability than profits and with most employees now looking at long-term safe plans than risky short-to-mid term job moves expecting bonus or payouts.

And so here’s our take on what HR should look out for –

  • Agility as both a pay and business tactic
  • Keeping rental costs minimal to both businesses and employees
  • Healthcare and insurance benefits
  • New pay schemes and paid / sick leave models
  • Reworked benefits from office to working from home

Moderator: Gerard Timbol, Senior Events Producer, HumanResources Online

Panellists - 

  • Bianca Wong, Global Head of Rewards, Hilti Group
  • Gabriel Kung, Chief Commercial Officer, Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited
  • Elaine Chan, Health Advisor, Bowtie Life Insurance Company Limited
3rd Intermission
Investing in Professional Development for a Versatile Workforce

As we reckon with the aftermath of a global reset, the HR profession is poised to curate innovative packages to retain talent within a compressed workforce. Investment in people goes a long way to raise employees’ competitiveness and loyalty, as well as to uplift employers’ branding. Kimberly Ann Dasse, Senior Associate at JC Legal and respected legal trainer with the Law Society of Hong Kong and in the Asia Pacific, will expound on professional development as alternative benefit, the evolving demands of training in the new normal, and how to stay relevant amidst disruptive technological changes.

Speaker: Kimberly Ann Dasse, Senior Associate, JC Legal

4th Intermission
Achieving the best total package - Pay, benefits & the overall employer value proposition

Compensation and Benefits are important for sure, but in today’s world we find it’s all about the total work package. People of course care about remuneration and benefits, however  now more than ever that the purpose of the organisation, the known purpose of every individual within it, strong and empathetic leadership, flexible work and ultimately ensuring that the company helps employees work to their own long term dream are just as important. HR has such an important role to play and is no longer a support function, but has the same seat at the table as any other department to ensure business success and prosperity, and that the total work package delivers for the individual, and the company more broadly.

Speaker: Brett Cooper, General Manager, Philip Morris Asia Limited

Closing Remarks

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