Workforce Future-Proofing through L&D

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Learning and development initiatives have always been essential to human resource management’s offering to all businesses. Now more than ever, employees and employers are looking at L&D initiatives to sustain, prolong, and develop skill sets that will enable us to excel in our current profession but also to create alternate career paths.

Join us on Thursday, 27th of May

Take part in this event together with renowned and international speakers who will share their expert insights, give real-life advice and answer questions on learning and development strategies which will be practical and scalable to match the needs of your organization and yourself.

Learning Points:

  • Why L&D expenditure is one you should not skimp on
  • Impactful L&D in challenging times
  • Accelerate your reskilling and upskilling strategy for your organization
  • Doing more with less


Opening Remarks
Opening Keynote: Creating a Purpose-Driven L&D Initiative

The global workforce of today has drastically evolved through never-ending challenges it faces on a daily basis – competitive talent landscape, digital revolution, pay/skill differences, age gaps; all of which are pressing issues that “talent” will always be a company’s most valuable asset. The need for learning and development is paramount in retaining and nurturing talent. So how do L&D practitioners demonstrate and execute initiatives that are valued as an investment? What are the returns and gains of having to invest in such activities? And how do we keep these initiatives sustainable?

Speaker: Ward Niou, Regional Learning and Development Director, Richemont

1st Intermission
A Journey to World Class L&D – How to Motivate Your Learners During Challenging Time

Having the right motivation leads to positive experiences in our lives; whether it is personal or professional by nature, it simply enables us to be better individuals. L&D practitioners have applied the same principle to empower their employees and management – after all, it is a win-win scenario for both. Jardine Matheson as one the long established conglomerates with diverse businesses has seen training participation rose significantly in the Covid time. Learn how Jardines Learning Academy team has effectively shifted its strategy to adopt cutting edge learnings and engage thousands of their employees in their journey of becoming world class L&D.

Speaker: Handi Kurniawan, Group Head of Leadership & Academies Learning, Jardine Matheson

2nd Intermission
Crystal Ball Gazing: L&D Trends of the New Decade

Work has entered a paradigm shift and L&D practitioners are playing catch-up with the new needs of every reworked process involving their employees. And with technology as another catalyst, the L&D landscape has entered a new era of maximizing and executing its schemes.

And so, here’s our take on what L&D practitioners should look out for –

  • Continuous learning as a Plan B
  • Mobile experiences (real-time feedback, adaptive learning, microlearning)
  • Personalized, tailor-made learning
  • Soft and hard skills training, data analysis
  • Millennial engagements

Moderator: Gerard Timbol, Senior Events Producer, HumanResources Online


  • Sanghita Bhakta, Group Head of Digital Learning, Jardine Matheson
  • Wendy Yip, Learning & Development Lead, APAC, Jones Lang La Salle
3rd Intermission
Tech Talk: L&D Tech that Speaks for Itself

It’s a shopper’s paradise now when it comes to work enabling technologies. There’s literally an app/program for every work-related function, however mundane or complicated it may be – and L&D is no exemption to this. So, join us as we present insightful case-studies and real-life scenarios as to how technology enabled and empowered L&D enterprises throughout this period of technological transition.

4th Intermission
Tools of the Trade: The Hard & Soft Skills of L&D Practitioners

It’s no secret that the best L&D leaders have two things in common; empathy and the greatest communication skills! Being able to effectively communicate while empathizing with your clients/learners makes it a win-win engagement on any level. So, join us as we give you a quick run-down of what specific soft and hard skills (or even a combination of both) should L&D practitioners’ possess to be engaging and successful.

Closing Remarks

Why should YOU join?

  • Understand the challenges from real life situations and discover workable solutions
    Pick-up and discover practical solutions and best practices from case studies and presentations that you can bring back to your own workplace and shape to your needs
  • Learn from the comfort of your own space at your own pace
    With the addition of a virtual conference format offering, convenience can now be educational! Join the conference, chat with co-attendees and speakers at the comfort of your own space as long as you have an internet connection with your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • A personalized experience that you can always go back to anytime, anywhere
    Having the conference in digital format allows participants to access recorded sessions as well as presentation decks instantly via online portals during and after the event
  • Fun, educational and engaging
    We are all different, and yet we are all human. We try to go beyond just hosting a conference with our educational yet enjoyable themes and topics. Our speakers as well as our programs are very detailed and in tune with what accounts for a successful and meaningful experience and within the industry

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